Trijicon MRO Field Review

The day was perfect, high-noon, almost no wind, and 87 degrees (F) outside.  I went up to some BLM spot I like to shoot at since there are no rules and stoppages by gun range masters.  I like to move freely and run through my own drills, since sitting at a bench isn't realistic and... Continue Reading →

AR Barrel Removal Hack

If you have been looking up how to remove your barrel here is a video.  There is a tool that is almost required 100% of the time since barrels are either Thread locked or torqued by Superman.  The barrel torque tool cost about $175 soooo.........I made my own for like $8.  Oh, while getting the... Continue Reading →

Broken / Ruptured Casings

A few weekends back, I shot almost 200 rounds through my Super V. Gen I.  At this time my rifle jammed and when inspecting the chamber I found that I had a ruptured casing (the back end rips off, leaving the walls stuck inside the chamber).  This can be dangerous to the shooter and cause... Continue Reading →

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