Trijicon MRO Field Review

The day was perfect, high-noon, almost no wind, and 87 degrees (F) outside.  I went up to some BLM spot I like to shoot at since there are no rules and stoppages by gun range masters.  I like to move freely and run through my own drills, since sitting at a bench isn't realistic and... Continue Reading →

AR Barrel Removal Hack

Update, these tools aren't as expensive anymore, but if you have some extra steel around, this should work. If you have been looking up how to remove your barrel here is a video.  There is a tool that is almost required 100% of the time since barrels are either Thread locked or torqued by Superman.... Continue Reading →

Broken / Ruptured Casings

A few weekends back, I shot almost 200 rounds through my Super V. Gen I.  At this time my rifle jammed and when inspecting the chamber I found that I had a ruptured casing (the back end rips off, leaving the walls stuck inside the chamber).  This can be dangerous to the shooter and cause... Continue Reading →

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