Known but rare issue w/the KRISS Vector *updated

There are a few stories that are floating about on the web, with failure to feed malfunctions that still have the pin, somehow hitting the primer…I don’t know how but it happens.  Anywho, the round is exploding inside rifle, with the explosion taking the path of least resistance, which is down.  This causes the magazine to fall out of the mag-well, seeming like the operator accidentally hit the mag release button (update: unlike other auto/semi-auto rifles, the bolt is very short in length.   With this, the firing pin is in range of the hammer at an early stage, meaning the hammer can hit the pin before the round is fully in the chamber).

Recently over this past weekend, my rifle has been failing to feed with only about 500 rounds expended through it.  A little fear is starting to brew inside of me; will my rifle explode and injure my hand? will I be next?

KRISS always had a lifetime warranty on these rifles but recently they replaced it with a one year warranty.  From my experience with tactical companies they typically will take care of you on legitimate manufacturing problems (Surefire sent me a new bulb and batteries, 2 thumbs up).

*I called KRISS since my Vector Gen I jams about every 6-7 rounds.  They said to use brand new ammo, not re-manufactured ammo.  The Vector is way too precise (finicky),  that it pretty much cannot except ammo that has even the slightest deformation.  They say that by the end of ’17 they will have new internal parts to send to Vector Gen I owners.  This is probably why Gen II was out, with pretty much the same look.  The Kriss rep told me Gen II has the updated internal parts already installed.  So far Sig Sauer makes ammo (brass) that works perfectly and Fiocchi rounds will work with a little bit of work on the feed ramps (polishing, may need a filing w/polishing).

**Update #2: After speaking with KRISS customer service, certain serial numbers from the early Gen I rifles are eligible for some upgrades, but not for the Gen II internal upgrade.  Also you need to be the original owner to qualify for the FREE upgrades.  As of right now, they do not know what it will cost for owners to get the Gen I upgraded.

***After speaking with KRISS customer service and the Marketing Director.  They do not feel responsible for the Vector Gen I’s issues.  We Gen I owners will have to pay for the upgrades in order to avoid injury and damage to the rifle.

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  1. I just got a gen 2 in 9mm and sent it back for exploding cartridges. Got it back today went thought about 50 round with no problem then it started again. Not happy with this gun. Don’t feel safe shooting it.


    1. Sorry just saw this. I’ve had zero issues since my one incident. I no longer use steel ammo, which could have been the issue since they don’t expand and contract like brass


      1. Mine happened in the first magazine out of the box! I am wondering if the extractor got loose and slammed into the primer of the next round before it got into battery? Because it was gone, nowhere to be found. Either way, I will not own a car I can’t rely on and I damn sure don’t want a firearm that I can’t count on either.


      2. The extractor pin was nowhere in sight and there wasn’t any obvious signs it was ripped out but I am waiting to hear what they say caused it, either way, it’s finding a new home.


  2. My brand new Kriss Vector is back in VA with the Kriss factory gunsmiths being repaired after my on personal KrissBoom. Damage in the posted picture looks exactly like my rifle looked. I noticed my extractor was also MIA. Good news/Bad news I’ll get it back in about 6 weeks, and it’s for sale!


    1. Damn, sorry to hear that. For everyone’s reference would you be comfortable with posting how much it will cost in shipping and KRISS’ repair cost?
      They would not pay for mine when I asked.


  3. Zero shipping cost, Kriss sent me a prepaid shipping label. It was a brand new Gen ll and it happened on the very first magazine, so there better not be any charge!

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  4. @CJ – Did you get your Kriss Vector back? What model did you have? What is this one VECTOR CRB KV10-CBL21?

    I may be interested in taking it off your hands.

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    1. Send your email, I don’t want to get into trouble with “sales/solicitations”. I believe you can send me a message with it if you don’t want it public. I have his email from other messages.
      Marry Christmas to the both of you.


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