AR-15/M4 With External Parts Labled

I have many friends that love guns, but we unfortunately have horrible gun laws in California (We should probably move, but it’s our home).  Like so many they purchased ARs before new CA laws went into effect in ’17.  Most have a rifle with no clue how to use yet, or break down.  When looking to upgrade your rifle, you now have the privilege to refer to this picture I put together, to begin your AR adventures.

Have fun!


My babies: AR-15 5.56 with an ULC break, Gas-Piston system (Adam Arms), everything else is upgraded except the Charging Handle, I did the paint myself.

Kriss Vector Gen I .45 ACP with 16″ barrel with stock shroud over it. The stock is pinned “in-place” since I live in an anti-gun state (CA).


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