Forward Grips – multiple uses

Adding a forward grip can be the attachment that you think you might need; for it’s feature and/or for it’s look of what a tactical rifle is suppose to look like, according to Hollywood.  “Add as many attachments as possible to that gun! It should look tough now.”

They’re angled grips, pistol grips, bi-pod grips, grips with lights and LASERs, etc.

Some like the grip to be a full-on handle.  

*My opinion; is that it adds unnecessary weight, unless it’s a folding one with a hidden bi-pod inside of it.  I don’t typically use a bi-pod since I don’t train in the Sniper fashion.  Nothing wrong with training that way, but it’s not practical for the reasons I have trained for.

Some like the angled grip.  

*Recently it has gained popularity.  I think it’s because you still get the combination of the more comfortable hand placement and it’s size/weight.  I feel that Tactical Instructor Chris Costa (The Beard) has made his style of forward hand placement popular in the past 5-10 years.  He is amazing, but as far as I know, he hasn’t been in combat (Using his style in my opinion promotes tunnel vision).  His style wouldn’t require a large pistol grip though, hence my reasoning on it’s recent popularity.

What do I use, you ask?…….or didn’t ask 😉

I have used them all.  I like the angled grips overall because I frequently will jam/slam my rifle onto or against an object, and it gives me some stability while firing my rifle.  Don’t forget is typically going to be lighter then a pistol grip.  I don’t like wielding a rifle with a heavy “tip”.  You might make the joke that I’m a weak*ss b*tch.  I can guarantee I’m at least .01% of the Hulk lol.  Over time, every little ounce counts when you’ve been hiking through the incredibly hot and dry Iraqi terrain.

Remember, don’t take someone’s opinion to heart.  Use what makes the most sense for your tactical uses, and what is the most comfortable for you.

*Please don’t hesitate to comment or reach out to me for questions regarding anything I write about.

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