Kriss Vector Gen I vs II

The KRISS brand name represents the tip of the spear in the advancement of firearms technology. KRISS is dedicated to developing more effective solutions corresponding to the demands of 21st century law enforcement, military, and civilian shooters. The philosophy behind KRISS firearms is to aid the operator in maximizing speed and accuracy when taking multiple shots, or engaging multiple targets. KRISS’s patented recoil mitigation systems counterbalance the barrel’s natural tendency to rise while firing. KRISS firearms use recoil energy to work to the shooter’s advantage, as opposed to against. Innovation is the pathway into the future and KRISS is dedicated to paving that road.

KRISS Vector Gen I vs. KRISS Vector Gen II

Gen 2 Vector; notice the magwell has a more robust cut-out, the forward portion of the upper receiver doesn’t have the same end cap for a flashlight insert.  The stock is a more familiar look.  Probably the best aesthetics part of the upgrade from Gen I to Gen II is the barrel shroud.  It is a sleek, sexy look for this futuristic rifle (sight not included).kriss-gen2-10mm-2

Here is what I learned from speaking with KRISS:

Prior to the Gen II Vector, and apart from incremental changes that were made to the Gen I Vector model throughout the Gen I lifetime, Gen two has updates to it’s upper and lower receivers.  The fire control group was upgraded, the trigger was changed from a “skeletonized” sliding (1911 style trigger) to a pivoting single stage trigger (as in the AR), with a trigger weight of 5.5 lbs.  The safety selector was also changed from a 90 degree throw to a shorter 45 degree throw.


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