AR Barrel Removal Hack

Update, these tools aren’t as expensive anymore, but if you have some extra steel around, this should work.

If you have been looking up how to remove your barrel here is a video.  There is a tool that is almost required 100% of the time since barrels are either Thread locked or torqued by Superman.  The barrel torque tool cost about $175 soooo………I made my own for like $8.  Oh, while getting the URL for the $175 tool, I found new tools they have similar to the original one at only at 50, 60, and 100 bucks.

I went to Home Depot and bought a high carbon bar 12″ long and 13/16″ wide (it had red paint on the end).  I used a Dremel grinder bit to grid out grinned slots to slide the grinned slots in between the chamber locking teeth……grind! lol just wanted to use that word a lot since I’m drinking wine and typing.

Anyways, use high carbon steel for a hardened steel (could be W1 or W2).  You will need a very tough metal, which is very hard to grain actually.  Anyways here is my tool that worked perfectly!!!  The back end I grinned in lines for griping in the vice grip.  Try and measure out the thickness of the teeth and mark your lines for accuracy, you have two chances to get this right….I hope I don’t have to explain that lol.

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