Broken / Ruptured Casings

casing inside chamberA few weekends back, I shot almost 200 rounds through my Super V. Gen I.  At this time my rifle jammed and when inspecting the chamber I found that I had a ruptured casing (the back end rips off, leaving the walls stuck inside the chamber).  This can be dangerous to the shooter and cause damage to the firearm.

300px-Headspace.pngA ruptured casing is most likely a Headspacing issue.

I will be contacting Kriss again.  I’m guessing they’ll want me to send the rifle in to check the Headspace.  Before every mission or gun shoot in the military, we always conducted a Headspace and Timing check.  I didn’t think I’d ever have to deal with this again lol.  So I’ll have to purchase a Go-Gauge and No Go-Gauge ($50).

empty chamber.jpg

In the end, I didn’t end up purchasing a Broken Shell Extractor.  In the Vector the Shell slides into the chamber, which is wider than the actual barrel.  This keeps the shell from moving forward into the barrel and the forward end hidden, or flush with the barrel width (see pic on the left).






Inkedl423-bullet-shell-rifle-69168_LIThis type of problem is usually an easy fix because rifle shells have a beveled top edge that slides into the barrel and is available grab by the tool. Here is a short video on how this is typically done.

So what I did, was first clear the firearm….like any live rounds actually would exist.  Second I broke the rifle down and cleaned it.  Then I stuck Needle-nosed pliers into the chamber and the shell literally almost fell out….I have no idea how it didn’t fall out before.  I got lucky.  My plan was to try and carefully pull it out without damaging any part of the chamber before purchasing a threading type of .45 ACP extractor ($10) to thread into the shell and pull it out.

In the end, if this was reliable enough, a military contracting company such as Academi or Triple Canopy (Constellis) would have considered them for combat.

Please leave a comment, I’d love to hear any thoughts or questions and don’t forget to read the other post about the rare issue with the Vector Gen I.

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