Army Denies Glock, Goes With Sig Sauer

Welcome to the party Army!  Navy Special Operations switched to the Sig P226 9mm I believe almost 20 years ago (and now Navy SOF switching to Glock 19 lol).

I prefer the Sig Sauer because I am comfortable with it, since I was trained with it, and I own a P2022 .40.  They are both awesome and reliable brands.  I heard a long time ago that the Navy went with the Sig Sauer over the Glock because it had too many moving parts in their older versions.  The Glock has gained so much popularity, it might be why the newer generations of SOF are picking the Glock.

Whatever you’re comfortable with using, choose that one; is what I always tell people.

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2 thoughts on “Army Denies Glock, Goes With Sig Sauer

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  1. My SIG P320 compact is a tack driver! Great ergonomics, too. It will soon make its way into my CCW rotation along with my Glock 23, and Springfield XD.


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