Trijicon MRO Field Review

The day was perfect, high-noon, almost no wind, and 87 degrees (F) outside.  I went up to some BLM spot I like to shoot at since there are no rules and stoppages by gun range masters.  19985086_331428650632654_6182199707096317952_nI like to move freely and run through my own drills, since sitting at a bench isn’t realistic and the proper usage for a Red Dot.

After getting a decent zero, I started hitting my targets.  Each 4″ clay target was extremely easy to acquire while on the move.  I loved using the Trijicon Miniature Rifle Optic (MRO).

Testing the parallax on the sight 8/10:

First off, it is impossible to have a completely parallax free sight, but you can get close enough for quick acquisition usage.  The parallax was pretty good at multiple ranges.  It is probably at its best from 20 yards to it’s max of 300ish yards.  Don’t expect to use a sight of this type for precision shooting (>1,000yrds).  This is a great close range sight for urban applications.  Especially if you are on the move.

Usage 6/10:

As for MROs go, this is the best one I have used.  I would say that depending on your firearm, use the correct mount since it is interchangeable with this Trijicon MRO.  I probably should have asked for a low mount for my KRISS Vector.  I’d also want a quick release mount, which is an option with Trijicon.

The sight obviously held a perfect zero with shooting 200+ rounds of .45 ACP (for the cost it better).

For those of you that want to run through fast moving target drills <50 yards, this is the perfect sight for you.

Aesthetics 6/10:

The MRO is nice and stealthy.  It is matte black and seems very tough (did not throw it or bang it around).  I’ve also seen many Knock-Offs for Trijicon products.  Mainly the ACOG.  An easy way to spot the fake, is serial numbers on the side, and (refer to featured image)

mro coverthe Trijicon logo is raise, not painted. Do not put your life in the hands of a fake product just because it is cheaper, that’s what Call Of Duty training is for.

If you would like to strengthen your MRO, Trijicon carries a rubber type of cover to protect it from damage or the elements in Tan or Black.

Summarizing my grades:

*I graded the sight compared to other Red Dot / Hologram sights.  The parameters are very general.

The parallax on the sight 8/10: Not perfect, but great for a reflex type of sight.

Usage 7/10: close to mid range applications (including Night Vision settings). Covering about 70% of all uses.

Aesthetics 9/10: Tough, on par with competitor’s in regard to weight, small with nice 25mm window, and very sleek.

Cost 9/10: On par with competitor pricing.

Importance rating 10/10: There is a reason these close-mid range sights exist. Great for day and low light, quick acquisition, and the NV settings take it above and beyond competitors.

Overall score: A very high 43/50 (I’ve compared this to about 5 other brands which scores ranged mostly in the 30s). 

I can’t wait to get out into the field again and shoot with this MRO again.


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